Windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download. My PC wont boot after AVG Antivirus update and auto restart

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Windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download

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 › threads › pc-gets-stuck-in-diagnostic-boot-mode-. Hi all, Today I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows I installed avast antivirus on it and rebooted, however below the big.

Windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download


Imagine claiming to be a reputable windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download provider yet continuously getting told about a problem your answer is always \”Uninstall and reinstall\” or \”It\’s not our product. I just did a complete reimage on my computer, taking things step by step, and low and behold AVG Internet Security is what is causing an issue on boot up.

Y\’alls product is broken and your failure to fix the problem after at least five years of versions is a terrible business practice. I switched over from Avast because of these подробнее на этой странице, only to find that the reason both these programs have these issues is that they are the same program under different names run by the windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download bullshit company.

English X. Have a question? I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. To determine whether your OS antiivirus a bit or bit, please click on this link. Please contact us back should you need any further assistance. Thank you. Avinash, AVG Customer care. Aravind Windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download Avast Hello Adam.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact us back for any further assistance. Aravindh Avast Hello Adam. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. In order to assist you better windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download contact to our technical support to resolve installig issue. Won\’t use AVAG ever again Our anhivirus goal is to keep our customers happy.

AVG carefully monitors the quality of our products and the service we provide, therefore all feedback from our customers is important to us.

If you have a specific experience with AVG products that you would like to share with us, booting would appreciate hearing about it. Joshua Shinar I had this same problem and was able to fix it without reinstalling windows. To boot up around the error, click on F8 during that initial message and click disable signature instapling 7.

It should boot normally. I did a full scan and found a virus which I removed. Removing it didn\’t fix the problem but an uninstall and reinstall of AVG did. A \’repair\’ of AVG did not fix the problem. Trung Le I had to log in just to say how bad this thing is, have to reset my pcwill never use this again, and will NOT forget to cancel the useless membership.

Have a nice day. Really try not to fucking swear rn. Please accept my apologies with regards to the AVG software not living up to your expectations.

Trevor Bell Imagine claiming to be a reputable anti-virus provider yet continuously getting told about a problem your answer is always \”Uninstall adobe indesign cs6 for beginners free download reinstall\” or \”It\’s not our product.

If you need any help, I request you to create your own post so that we can locate your AVG account and assist you accordingly. You are welcome to share the feedback. Sami Lumapas Hello i have this same problem my computer was working smoothly then i downlowd for avg and install it after restarting my pc wont start up there is a blink of blue screen then goes to option of startup repair or start windows normally but either two works.

Syatem recovery error also!! Sami Lumapas Довольно download hill climb racing free for pc верно was so excited to have an anti virus software but after installing this is what happened to my computer?? Wont start up!!! System recovery error the F we r in quarantine im working from home what the f will i do about this now!

U keep telling people its not your product or sodtware but open ur eyes! Many of us have this same problem after installing!!!

Are you all blind or just plain antivirys. We\’ll certainly look into this and help you. Thank you for understanding. Martin W Having exactly the same problem in Win7. Tried running in safe Mode and any other combinaton but no luck.

Gets as far as loading avgbidshx. All your llinks above assume that you can boot into Windows. I can\’t! I can however access the rree from another PC. So now I have a brick, courtesy of AVG. So how do I manually remove AVG from the harddisk – including the registry, and any drivers that it\’s managed to scattered around. This will reveal the email address affiliated with AVG to us. Note : It isn\’t recommended to share the account info over this post.

Reason being, privacy concerns. Thank you for your understanding in advance! You need to sign in to do that. Need an account? Sign Up. Have an account? Sign In Facebook.

Need help? Struggling with non-AVG technology? We can fix that, too!


cant access my windows 10 system after installing Avast Anti virus. – Microsoft Community


Antivirus software in Windows is really helpful in protecting your system from any virus or malicious program. This antivirus not only protects your PC but also keeps personal data safe in case your operating system gets infected. Therefore, it is suggested to install a strong antivirus program in your Windows operating system and keep them update. But here comes the problem, many Windows 10 users are unable to install antivirus in Windows Usually, this happens when your system is not compatible with the antivirus or you have installed another antivirus.

Continue reading this article and install antivirus for your Windows to keep it safe from malicious programs. Follow the steps to uninstall the other antivirus:.

This will uninstall the antivirus from your computer and now you can install your desired antivirus again. So, try to turn off Windows Defender , apply the below-given steps to do so:.

After doing the above steps Windows Defender is turned off, try to install antivirus for Windows 10 and see if you are able to install it or not. Windows 10 is the latest operating system so there are lots of antivirus programs that are not compatible with this OS. So it is suggested to make sure that your antivirus program is compatible with Windows 10 or not.

Visit the official site of your antivirus software and see the compatibility section. Therefore, it is suggested to run the SFC command in your system and then try to install antivirus and see if it help in solving the issue or not. Follow the steps to perform the scan:. The scanning process will take some time so you have to be patient and let the scanning be done.

After the completion of the process, restart your Windows and try to install antivirus software in your system and see if it is getting installed or not. Any third-party apps or programs can affect your antivirus and you are unable to install antivirus in Windows Performing a clean boot can help you get rid of this issue.

Now, try to install antivirus software to see whether you are able to install it or not. Cannot install antivirus on Windows 10 issue is faced by many users and one of the reason is that there are lots of temporary files in your system that needs to be removed.

Removing temporary files will free up hard drive space for antivirus to install in your Windows OS. Therefore, to remove temporary files from your PC try CCleaner. This will remove all the temporary files, junk files, and browsing history easily. Here is another reason for unable to install antivirus in Windows If your system is infected from viruses, malware, or any other malicious programs then it might block the antivirus installation.

Therefore, to install an antivirus in your Windows you must first remove viruses from your system, for that you can try Spyhunter. This will scan your system and remove the virus or any kind of malicious programs and make your Windows virus-free. If your Windows is running slow or encountering errors that are not solved manually then try the PC Repair Tool.

This is a highly advanced repair tool that will scan your system and get rid of all the issues automatically. It also repairs damaged or inaccessible system files, prevents malware from PC , improves the performance and much more. You just have to download this tool that will detect all the Windows PC issues and remove them from your system without any hassle for smooth and better performance.

After performing the above-mentioned fixes it is expected that you are able to install an antivirus software in your Windows OS without any further issue. If you are still unable to install antivirus for Windows 10 then go with the easy solution provided that will surely help you in solving the problem. I hope this article turns out to be useful in resolving your issue related to Windows 10 Prevents You from Installing Antivirus Software.

If you have any further query then write to us on our Facebook page. Always up to help others for their PC related issues, Jack loves to write on subjects such as Windows 10, Xbox, and numerous technical things. Table of Contents. Jack Adision.


How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows 10 | AVG


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Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What\’s new. New posts Latest activity. PC gets stuck in diagnostic boot mode after installing avast antivirus. Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software Windows. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Jan 15, 17 2 I installed avast antivirus on it and rebooted, however below the big Dell logo i got a text saying \”Preparing Automatic repair When restart didn\’t work thrice same thing againI gave up and reset my PC from the advanced options menu, which caused it привожу ссылку wipe my C: and do a reinstall of Windows. Thinking it to be a one-off issue, I installed avast again, however, the same thing happened again.

Restarting the PC causes it to get stuck in the automatic repair mode, and it is not able to boot into WIndows. I discovered that I have Windows defender installed on my PC already. Not installing avast seems to \”fix\” this problem, as I have restarted the PC several times and it is working fine. Windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download it be that avast and windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download are clashing and causing this problem?

Should I give up trying to use a third party AV and stick with defender? I\’ve always heard that windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download capabilities are limited, and it should be avoided as much as possible.

Please advise. Mar 4, 27, It is not advisable to run two AV apps at the same time. They can and do clash. Aug 20, 8, If they did you need to remove it. Is it okay to use? I do not use it myself. I run Avast Free on my computer a Toshiba Laptop. May 19, 15, 5, Windows Defender on Win10 should normally be automatically disabled when a third party AV is installed. I would google the version of Avast you\’re using with the version of Win10 and see whether you come across similar symptoms.

Other than that, I would check the Windows Event Viewer for recent oddness. OP, has there been any other AV installed on this computer? Most big-name PCs in my experience come with some trial version for something AV-ish. Norton do a removal tool which I\’d run if it\’s theirs.

McAfee do the same. Obviously Win10 hasn\’t been out for long so I can\’t draw on a huge amount of experience for this statement, but Windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download never come across a scenario where I\’ve had to disable Defender myself so another AV would work properly on it. I guess Win8x experience applies as well.

Jun 5, 5, 1, It would need uninstalled before you install Avast. I would also run the AV\’s own removal tool to make sure any bits aren\’t left behind as Mikey suggests.

Mikey is also right about Avast or most other AV\’s disabling Defender during installation. It wouldn\’t hurt to double check that is disabled though.

Any one of those will be better windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download Defender. Although I have been given a 15 month license for McAfee antivirus, it is not installed. At least it doesn\’t show up in the list of installed programs.

I have a code, but I still need to download and install in separately. Ketchup Elite Member. Sep 1, 14, That is strange, but plenty of other free programs out there. If you want to give it windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download go, install all Windows updates first, then 4.2.7 number download free serial iexplorer Avast. I\’d run the McAfee removal tool just in case.

Alternatively, perhaps McAfee had been installed, then removed in the normal way, yet not completely removed. Do a screencap of the \’details\’ tab of Task Manager in a way that shows all the processes? Guys, is there a way to reset my Windows 10 system to a state it was in earlier using the boot menu?

In case I install an AV, and something goes wrong, can I do something like a system restore and avoid having to the reset the system and reinstall Windows? Basically, something like System Restore, but that can be done without booting into Windows, from the diagnostic menu itself. What other free antivirus do you people recommend, other than avast? Although I have been given an year long subscription to McAfee, I feel that it would be too heavy and that\’s why I don\’t want to install it.

Sorry, but I did say the details tab The information is much more compact and it doesn\’t rely on the vendors filling out the descriptions of their programs in a sensible manner something they\’re not very good at doing a lot of the timewhereas they\’re usually more sensible when naming their files. Sorting the process list alphabetically would be best. At a glance, I don\’t see any obvious process names that suggest say McAfee, but it could be a driver left behind by say McAfee, which wouldn\’t be visible in that list.

In my experience there\’s no harm in running the McAfee removal tool even if McAfee isn\’t installed. These days I tend to run it every time after the normal uninstall routine. I\’d use WIndows Defender personally. I wouldn\’t touch McAfee with a bargepole. Guys – would HijackThis do a dump windows 10 not booting after installing antivirus free download the loaded drivers? It\’s not a program I\’d normally use, so I don\’t know what to expect with it.

Here you go, the details tab. Note that \”KM\” is the user account name. Last edited: Jan 16, I\’ve never heard of fontdrvhost. If you right-click on that one, Properties, go into I think the Details tab, it should give you vendor and version information.

If that says MS and the version number approximately matches up with the version of Win10 you have, it\’s likely жмите сюда be legit. Otherwise the list looks clean. A precaution I would be inclined to take is to uninstall ccleaner, but I\’ve never heard of it causing a problem like this before. However, with the feature creep of security software these days, it wouldn\’t surprise me if some component of Avast free and ccleaner are competitors.

Also, you could try installing Avast with only the file system shield selected on the custom install. Here\’s the details for fontdrvhost:. Ancalagon44 Diamond Member. Feb 17, 3, I\’ve been relying on Windows Defender for years and never had a problem. Update: I installed McAfee and the problem didn\’t occur. No issues at all. I only install the basic На этой странице no browser plug ins. I also never let it update the program while it is running.

I always download the full off line installer and do жмите сюда custom install, so nothing I do not want get installed. The full installers seem to work better than stub installers. Highly doubtful. Windows 10 has been out for more than a year, and I\’m sure I would have heard of such an incompatibility such as Kaspersky\’s problems with Win10 early on by now. Did you try installing Avast with only the file system shield?

Did you try updated installers during your troubles with it?

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